1. Download Printable Tea Cozy Quilt Project Pattern
  2. Wash, dry and press all fabrics.  Trace patterns to dull side of freezer paper and cut out.  All stitching is done with right sides together and ¼-inch seam allowances.
  3. Cut an 8-inch x 24-inch piece of light print fabric.  Cut enough 1-1/2-inch wide bias strips from dark print to piece together a 24-inch-long bias strip.  Cut one 1-1/4-inch x 24-inch strip from medium and dark prints.
  4. Sew medium color 1-1/4-inch strip to one 24-inch edge of 8-inch X 25-inch light print piece.  Add dark print to medium print in same way.  Press seams toward darker fabrics.
  5. Cut pieced fabric in half, making two 9-1/2-inch x 12-inch pieces.  Use these as patterns to cut two pieces each of batting and muslin.
  6. Use a low setting on iron to adhere teapot pattern, shiny side down, to right side of dark print fabric.  Cut out appliqué shape, adding a ¼-inch seam allowance.  Before removing pattern, clip into seam allowance at corners and curves, stopping just before reaching paper.
  7. Remove pattern and center it, shiny side up, on wrong side of teapot appliqué.  Use iron to press under seam allowance so it adheres to pattern.  Remove pattern.
  8. For front of tea cozy, center appliqué on the light print section of one 9-1/2-inch x 12-inch piece, positioning it ½ inch above the medium print fabric.  With raw edges turned under, baste edges of the appliqué in place.  Hand-appliqué teapot, using basic appliqué stitch as shown in illustration and matching color thread.  Use the same technique to appliqué the heart to the teapot.  See pattern for placement.
  9. Use fabric marker to write “Tea Time” on heart.  Separate six-strand floss.  Use two strands to stem-stitch “Tea Time” (see illustration).  Use stem stitch to outline both appliqués and add line at bottom of teapot cover.
  10. Place a muslin piece, wrong side up, on work surface with batting on top.  Place appliquéd piece, right side up, on top of batting and baste three layers together.  Baste together three remaining pieces in same way for back of teapot.
  11. On front, quilt around heart and teapot appliqués 1/8 inch from edges.  On both front and back pieces, quilt 1/8 inch below seams on medium and dark print fabrics.
  12. Place tea cozy pattern on quilted back piece with bottom edge matching bottom edge of dark strip.  Trace around solid curved line of pattern with fabric marker.  Flip pattern over at long broken lines and trace second half of pattern.  Cut quilted fabric on traced line.  Repeat this step on front piece or use cut back as pattern for front.
  13. For piping, fold 24-inch bias strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.  Insert narrow cording in fold and machine-baste raw edges together near cording, using zipper-foot attachment on machine.
  14. With right sides together, baste piping along curved edge of appliquéd front so folded edge of piping faces inward.  Place on top of back piece with piping sandwiched in between.  Sew front to back along line formed by basting piping.  Trim batting from seam allowance.  Turn piece right side out.
  15. To determine length needed for eyelet lace, measure around bottom edge of tea cozy and add ½ inch.  Cut lace.  With right sides facing and ¼-inch seam, sew short ends together.  Matching raw edges, baste lace to bottom edge of cozy with ruffled edges facing upward and seam at center back.
  16. Use tea cozy pattern to cut two muslin lining pieces.  Sew these together along the curved edge, leaving open between dots at center top.  Do not turn lining right side out.  Insert tea cozy inside lining with eyelet lace sandwiched in between.  Sew around bottom edge.  Trim batting from seam allowance.  Turn cozy right side out through opening in lining.  Lightly press seam.  Turn in raw edges and hand-sew opening closed.  Push lining into cozy.

FINISHED SIZE: Tea cozy measures about 8-1/4 inches high x 11 inches wide.

Craft originally sent in by Carolyn Habuda of Honesdale, Pennsylvania