Before crafting your Tulip Centerpiece Sewing Craft, download and print these patterns: Figure 1-2leaves patternpetal pattern.
  1. Pre-wash and machine-dry all fabrics.
  2.  Trace patterns onto tracing or pattern paper and cut out patterns. Cut interfacing pieces to fit tulip fabrics and follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse interfacing to wrong side of each tulip fabric. Cut all patterns out of fabrics as directed on pattern pieces. (Lee made four red pin dot tulips and five yellow print tulips.) Also cut nine 7/8-inch fabric circles, one to match each tulip.
  3. Patterns include 1/4-inch seam allow-ances. Sew seams with a small straight stitch, placing right sides together and backstitching at the beginning and ending of each seam.
  4. Paint dowel “stem” pieces with green paint. Let dry.


  1. To cover tulip centers, glue a 7/8-inch circle of fabric over one end of each stem piece. Let dry.
  2.  Sew tulip petal pieces together in pairs, leaving bottom edges open. Clip to seams along each curve as indicated on pattern. Turn right side out, making four for each tulip.
  3. Work blanket stitch over all sewn edges, using three strands of matching embroidery floss on each petal.
  4. Fold bottom opening edges of first petal in 1/4 inch. Make a running stitch through all layers close to the folded edges, leaving long thread ends for gathering. Pull tight to gather, tacking to keep gathers in place.
  5. Wrap petal around a dowel with a matching center, so petal extends up around center end of dowel and base of petal is 3 inches below that end as in Fig. 1.
  6. Add a matching petal to that tulip, gluing base in place so edges overlap the previous petal. Add two more matching petals to complete tulip, tacking them in place over preceding petals.
  7. Repeat for remaining tulips.
  8. If desired, hand-sew a ladybug button to four of the tulips.


  1. Sew leaves pieces together in pairs, leaving a 1-1/2-inch opening at center for turning. Turn leaves right side out. Fold in opening edges 1/4 inch.
  2. Work blanket stitch over all edges, using three strands of matching embroidery floss. Repeat for remaining leaves.
  3.  Cut a slit through both layers in the center of each set of leaves as indicated on pattern.
  4.  Push ends of one wire piece up into both leaves in each set. Bend leaf to desired shape.
  5.  Push bottom end of a dowel stem through slit in center of one set of leaves. To secure leaves to stem, pull both edges of leaves together and hand-tack on each side of stem as in Fig. 2.


  1. Add piece of floral foam to bottom of can or vase. Cover with a layer of Spanish moss, gluing it into place.
  2. Add glue to bottom of dowel stems and push the tulip stems into the floral foam to fill can or vase. Let dry.
  3. If desired, file off shank of remaining two ladybug buttons and glue to can or vase. Let dry.

Finished size: Tulip Centerpiece Sewing Craft is 8 inches wide x 12 inches tall.

Tulip Centerpiece Sewing Craft originally sent in by Lee Nelson of Pocatello, Indiana.