1. Carefully open and flatten the tea box. Cut away the small flaps and the remaining side flaps, leaving a 4 1/4-in. x 8 1/4-in. section to be used for the card.
  2. Apply a thin layer of rubber cement on the outside of the box and the back of one piece of scrapbook paper for the outside of the box. Let dry before placing paper on the outside of the box for a stronger bond. Trim excess flush with box.
  3. Use sewing machine and a straight stitch to sew a couple of long curves down the length of remaining piece of scrapbook paper.
  4. Sew inspirational quotes from the tea bags to the scrapbook paper, overlapping previous stitching.
  5. Glue the top edge of the scrapbook paper to the top of the inside of the box.
  6. Fold the card along the folds of the box.
  7. Attach buttons to the outside of the card with craft glue.
  8. Tie card shut with yarn or ribbon.

Upcycled Tea Box Card Craft designed by Kristin Cleveland. Upcycled Tea box Card Craft photo by Adam Albright.