ch(s) =  chain(s)
dc(s) = double crochet(s)
hdc(s) = half double crochet(s)
hk = hook
sc(s) = single crochet(s)
sl st = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
* =  Instructions following asterisk are repeated as directed.
[ ] = Instructions between brackets are repeated as directed.


Download and print Craft Chart and Stitch Key

When working with a size 6 steel hook, 18 dcs and 10 rows = 2 inches. Slight variation in gauge will change finished size a bit.

Reading chart:

  1. The first row begins with ch 3 and ends with the last dc in the top of the turning ch of the previous row.
  2. The first vertical line of the chart represents the ch 3, turn.
  3. All boxes represent three sts, which are explained on the stitch key at bottom of page and in the instructions.
  4. Keep in mind that most of the vertical lines on the chart represent a dc and the horizontal lines of the empty boxes represent ch 2.
  5. Some rows are written out to help explain the instructions.


Row 1:

  1. Ch 36, dc in fourth ch from hk and in each remaining ch across, ch 3, turn.

Row 2:

  1. Dc in next 6 sts, [ch 2, sk 2 sts, dc in next st] seven times, dc in next 6 dcs, ch 3, turn.

Rows 3-11:

  1. Following chart, work each row as shown.


  1. [* Ch 5, sl st in fourth ch from hk, sl st in base of last st in row, ch 5, sl st in fourth ch from hk, ch 1, sl st in base of last st in next row along side; repeat from * down this side to the corner. Along the next edge, ** ch 5, sl st in fourth ch from hk, ch 1, sk 2 sts, sl st in next st; repeat from ** to next corner] around two remaining sides to beginning sl st in base of beginning ch-5.
  2. Fasten off.


  1. Work Front Rows 1-11. Fasten off at end of Row 11.


  1. Place lining fabric together with right sides facing and edges matching.
  2. Sew around outside edges with a 1/4-inch seam, leaving an opening along one long edge for turning. Trim corners and turn right side out.
  3. Add potpourri to lining.
  4. Turn raw edges of opening of lining in and hand-sew opening closed.
  5. Place front and back crocheted pieces together with edges matching and potpourri-filled lining sandwiched in between.
  6. With crochet thread, hand-stitch around outside edge of front and back pieces to sew them together.
  7. Join crochet thread centered on top edge of sachet with a sl st, ch 100, sc in second ch from hk, sc in each remaining ch to beginning, join with a sl st to center top edge. Fasten off.


  1. Starting at red X on chart, thread ribbon in and out of openings around heart. Tie ribbon ends in a bow at the top of the heart.
  2. Glue ribbon rose to center of bow.


Finished Size: Sachet measures about 5 inches wide x 4 inches high without hanging loop.


Craft originally sent in by Karen Taylor of Redding, California