1. Cut a slice of pineapple.  Then carefully trim off the rind.
  2. Cut the outer edge of the pineapple into the shape of a heart.  I free handed this as I didn’t have a cookie cutter the right size.
  3. After the shape is how you want it, take a small cookie cutter (or free-hand cut it as well) and core out the center of your pineapple slice.
  4. Next, take a kiwi and peel it, than slice it.  Because kiwi is pretty soft, make sure your slice is fairly thick.  Then, using your cookie cutter, cut your kiwi into a heart shape.
  5. Place your kiwi heart into the center of your pineapple. Then, take your food skewer and run it through the middle of both the pineapple and the kiwi.
  6. After the fruit is secured on the skewer, put it in a bag and tie it closed. This will help to keep the juices under control and make it look more like a special treat.
  7. To finish it off, tie on a cute bow and add a special message. You could say something really cheesy like, “This may sound “FRUITY” but won’t you be my Valentine.”  (Yes, I know, go ahead and roll your eyes, it is really cheesy.)


Valentine’s Day Edible Arrangements Craft Tutorial c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Amy Williams of

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