1. Download and print label and fortunes, Page 1 & Page 2.
  2. Cut labels and fortunes out from the printable pages and set aside.
  3. With compass and fabric marker, draw several 3-in.-diameter circles on the felt sheets. Cut out and set aside.
  4. Use compass to draw a 3-in.-diameter circle on pink card stock and a 2-1/2-in.-diameter circle on brown card stock. Cut them out. Center brown circle on pink circle; affix with glue stick. Then center printed label on brown circle and affix with glue stick. Apply foam adhesive to back of pink circle and affix layered label, centered, to side of takeout box.
  5. With heart punch, make a heart from brown card stock. Use foam adhesive to adhere to label as in photo.
  6. To make a felt fortune cookie, center a paper fortune on felt circle. Fold felt circle in half over fortune and secure felt with a small dot of hot glue in the center where outer edges meet. Fold open ends back until they touch, forming a U-shaped fortune cookie. Secure with a small dot of hot glue.
  7. Make desired number of cookies, place in box and close lid.