1. Make a boatload of ribbon rosettes. Get the craft tutorial here.
  2. Paint your canvas with the dark pink paint and let dry.
  3. Paint on your Crackle medium.  If you haven’t worked with crackle before, it’s really easy.  You just paint it on over your base coat and let dry.  It’s wise to paint it all in the same direction too.  And, because it is clear, once it is dry you can’t see it so be sure your base coat is completely covered.
  4. Paint on your top coat.  Be consistent and paint all in the same direction.  Most likely your paint will start to crackle instantly and if you go back and forth with your paint brush you will cover up some of those cracks.  So just paint in one direction.
  5. Now, very lightly sketch the outline of a heart onto your canvas.  You need this outline because it will help guide your placement of the rosettes.
  6. Start positioning your rosettes in place.  It is wise to lay them all out before you glue them down.  This will help make sure your final design has a good balance.  I used various sizes of rosettes so I laid my biggest ones down first and worked biggest to smallest.  The very smallest rosettes I used to fill in any gaps.
  7. Add your rub-ons.  Now, I know vinyl is the latest and greatest but I don’t have a fancy-dancy vinyl machine so I still use the tried and true rub-ons.  Use what works for you.
  8. Attach ribbon to the back and hang up.  (I attached my ribbon by stapling it to the canvas frame)
  9. Finally, lightly sand the edges of the canvas. This gave the canvas a very subtle frame by allowing a line of the dark pink paint to show from underneath.


Valentine’s Day Welcome Sign Craft Tutorial c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Amy Williams of

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