1. Download and print quilting pattern here.
  2. Wash all fabrics as many times as needed until rinse water runs clear. Dry and press all fabrics.
  3. Use rotary cutter, mat and quilter’s ruler to cut a 4-1/2-in. x 10-1/2-in. piece of wood-grain fabric and a 6-1/2-in. x 10-1/2-in. piece of striped fabric.
  4. Trace leaf, triangle, basket and yo-yo circle patterns onto tracing paper with pencil and cut out each. Cut 11 leaves from scraps of green fabric. Cut triangle from lace or lace doily scrap. Cut basket from woven print fabric. Cut two circles each from purple, red and yellow fabric scraps and three circles from blue fabric scraps.
  5. Sew trim to the two short edges of lace triangle. Referring to photo for placement, sew short edges of lace triangle to right side of wood- grain background fabric.
  6. With right sides facing, edges matching and a ¼-in. seam, sew the long edge of the wood-grain background and the lace triangle to the striped background. Open and press seam toward the wood-grain fabric.
  7. Referring to layout diagram for placement, position basket on pieced background. With matching thread and a narrow satin stitch, machine-appliqué around outer edge of basket. In the same way, machine-appliqué each leaf in place.
  8. With matching thread and a small running stitch, sew 1/8 in. from outer edge of a yo-yo circle. Pull thread tight; tie off. Flatten and center opening to make a yo-yo. Repeat with remaining yo-yos. Referring to pattern, pin yo-yos in place. Sew a coordinating colored button to the center of each yo-yo to attach to the block.
  9. Center batting on top of backing and completed block on top of batting. Quilt as desired.
  10. With design centered, trim block to 10-in. square.


Craft originally sent in by Irma Dempsey of Indianapolis, Indiana.