1. Download and print the patterns and applique key for the Vintage St. Nicholas Mini Quilt; trace patterns onto tracing paper with pencil. With grain lines matching, pin patterns to right sides of fabrics as indicated on patterns. Cut out each shape.
  2. From beige solid, cut a 14-in. x 12-in. piece for appliqued background.
  3. Place muslin piece on a flat surface. Center batting on top of muslin and beige solid background piece right side up on top of batting. Pin corners and edges as needed to hold.
  4. Referring to photo as a guide, pin shapes to right side of beige background piece, overlapping the shapes as shown on patterns and leaving at least 1/2 in. around edges of background.
  5. Use quilter’s marking pen or pencil to draw runners under sled and to add inside design lines on robe freehand.
  6. Using matching thread and narrow satin stitch, applique exposed edges of shapes to background in following order: Face, robe, mustache, beard, robe trim pieces, white lantern piece, black lantern pieces, star, tree, sack and sled.
  7. Using matching thread, satin-stitch over inside design lines of the robe, catching straight edge of  left mitten in the stitching.
  8. Using black thread and a narrow satin stitch, stitch runners below sled.
  9. With design centered, trim appliqued background to an accurate 13-in.-wide x 11-in.-high piece.
  10. From red print, cut two 3/4- in. x 11-in. strips and two 3/4- in. x 13-1/2-in. strips for inner border.
  11. From dark green print, cut a 15-in.- x 13-in. piece for backing. Also cut two 1-in.  x 11-1/2-in. strips and two 1-in. x 14-1/2-in. strips for outer border.

Borders: Do all stitching with right sides of fabrics together, edges even, matching thread and an accurate 1/4-in. seam allowance.

  1. Sew an 11-in. red print border strip to opposite sides of the appliqued background. Open and press.
  2. In the same way, sew a 13-1/2-in. red print border strip to the top and bottom of appliqued background.
  3. Sew an 11-1/2-in. dark green print border strip to opposite sides of inner border. Open and press.
  4. In the same way, sew a 14-1/2-in. green print border strip to top and bottom of inner border.


  1. Thread embroidery needle with unseparated black floss. Insert needle into front of sled and then into left mitten and back again through the front of the sled to create a loop of floss. Knot floss on back. In the same way, attach a loop of floss between the top of lantern and other hand.
  2. Separate six-strand embroidery floss; thread needle with three strands. Attach a length of floss to each side of sack as shown. Tie ends together in sack’s center; trim ends as desired.
  3. Use yellow marker to add a small flame to lantern.


  1. With right sides facing, center the green print backing piece on top of the appliqued background piece. Pin as needed to hold; sew around outside edges of outer border with a 1/4-in. seam, leaving an opening for turning along one straight edge. Clip corners diagonally.
  2. Turn right side out through opening; turn raw edges of opening in. With matching thread, hand-sew opening closed.
  3. Hand-sew a curtain ring to the back of each upper corner of the quilted wall hanging.

Finished Size: Quilted wall hanging measures 14-in. wide x 12 in. high.

Vintage St. Nicholas Mini Quilt craft originally sent in by Marjorie Carano, West Orange, New Jersey.

Photography by Taste of Home; originally published in Taste of Home Christmas 2009.