1. Download and print Watermelon Wood Welcome Sign pattern here.
  2. Trace patterns onto tracing paper and cut out.
  3. Place patterns on wood and trace around them. Cut out with scroll or band saw. Shape watermelon edges with router, if desired.
  4. Referring to photo, drill a 1/2-in.-deep hole in the straight edge of the melon and another in the bottom of the bird.
  5. Sand shapes smooth. Remove sanding dust with a damp paper towel.


  1. Keep water handy to thin paints and clean painting tools. Dab each color as needed onto foam plate or palette. Apply additional coats as needed for complete coverage.
  2. Dip a sponge piece into red and dab on paper towel to remove excess. With an up-and-down motion, sponge-paint the melon’s straight edge and front, leaving about 1-1/2 in. along curve unpainted.  Before red paint dries, use another sponge to sponge-paint white over it.
  3. Using a new sponge, paint a 1/2-in.-wide band of white along curved edge. Paint outer front and side edges green, darkening at the very outer edge.
  4. Use sponge brush to paint the bird black. With a toothpick, dab on a small white dot for the eye.
  5. When completely dry, sand bird edges to reveal a bit of the wood underneath.
  6. Use small round brush and black to paint seeds to spell the greeting. To make teardrop shape, press brush down and slowly lift and pull.
  7. Add white highlights to seeds with a toothpick.
  8. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to apply antiquing glaze to entire surface. When dry, seal with spray varnish.


  1. Dip dowel ends into wood glue and insert into drilled holes to attach pieces. Let dry, then attach sawtooth picture hanger to center top on back of melon.

Craft originally sent in by Laura Reigel of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Finished Size: about 18 in. x 12 in.