1. Lay out stalks, aligning so that the head of each is even with the straight edge of your work surface. Gently gather the stems into a bundle.
  2. Measure 3-1/2 in. from the bottom of the heads down the stems. Secure the bundle at that point with the twist tie, taking care not to bend stems.
  3. With scissors, cut the bottom of the stems evenly to the desired height. (Linda recommends 18 inches for this size bundle.)
  4. Gently tap several times on a flat surface until the stems spread several inches across and the bundle will stand alone. Tie raffia or ribbon around the twist tie to finish.

CARE: Place your sheaf in a safe spot away from candles and pets. Remove dust by holding the bundle firmly upside down and gently shaking. To clean more thoroughly, hold upside down and mist lightly with water; shake gently.

Editor’s Note: Cut wheat stalks yourself, buy them from a farmers market or craft store, or order online from a site like

Wheat Sheaf Centerpiece c/o Linda Bisnett of Pendleton, Oregon.

DIY Centerpiece Idea Photo by Linda Bisnett of Pendleton, Oregon.