1. Download and print quilt block pattern here.
  2. Wash all fabrics as many times as needed until rinse water runs clear. Dry and press all fabrics.
  3. Use the wrong-side pattern for all tracing. The right-side pattern is only for reference when assembling the block.  Refer to pattern color chart for fabric colors.
  4. Using the wrong-side pattern, trace the outline of the entire cow to the paper side of fusible web. Cut out cow. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse web to the wrong side of the medium-purple fabric (E on pattern). Cut out following outline. Referring to right-side pattern for placement, fuse cow to background sky fabric.
  5. Trace all A pattern shapes to the paper side of fusible web, leaving ¼ in. between shapes. Cut shapes apart and fuse them to the wrong side of corresponding fabric (see pattern color chart). Cut out each following outline of patterns. Remove paper backing, and, referring to right-side pattern for placement, position shapes on cow. Do not fuse in place. Wait until all pattern shapes are laid out to be sure of proper placement.
  6. Repeat Step 2 for all other pattern shapes (B through I). Be accurate in cutting, as all the pieces except the sun will fit together like a puzzle. Use a pin to push smaller pieces into place when arranging. If there are gaps, the medium-purple base or background will show through.
  7. Once all pieces are arranged, fuse them in place by pressing straight down with the iron so as not to shift the pieces.
  8. Center batting on top of backing and block on top of batting. Pin in place. Use a zigzag or satin stitch and matching threads to stitch around all the edges of the pattern pieces, making sure that the stitches catch all raw edges.
  9. Quilt the sky, mountains and large areas of the cow as desired.
  10. With design centered, trim block to a 10-in. square.


Craft originally sent in by Elizabeth Sylvan of Florence, Massachusetts.