1. Blow up water balloon.
  2. Cut three pieces of yarn, 8-10 feet each.
  3. In a disposable bowl, mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water. (About 4 oz. of glue will make six eggs.)
  4. Dip one strand of yarn into the glue mix, covering it completely. Pull yarn out, and squeeze off excess glue.
  5. Wrap yarn around the water balloon in any pattern you like. (The more times the yarn intersects, the stronger the egg will be.)
  6. Repeat the dipping and wrapping process with the other two strands of yarn.
  7. Dry yarn-wrapped balloon on newspaper for 24 hours, turning the balloon three to four times during drying period.
  8. When yarn is completely dry, grasp the balloons knot, and poke a small hole in the balloon. After the balloon deflates, pull it out through one of the holes in the wrapped yarn.

Yarn Easter Eggs Craft c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Adrianne Surian of Happy Hour Projects.

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Photos by Adrianne Surian.