1. Use wire cutters to cut desire length of wire for a heart. Bend wire into a heart shape twisting ends together between the bumps to secure in place.
  2. Tie the yarn onto the heart around the twisted closure. Pull yarn across heart, wrap around wire and pull yarn across to other side forming a triangle shape in the center of the heart. Continue wrapping yarn around the wire and across the heart randomly until covered entirely. Wrap yarn tightly so there is no slack.
  3. Finish off between center bumps and secure in place by tying. Trim yarn leaving enough at the end for hanging.

CRAFTER’S NOTE: Camilla suggests tucking a strip of paper with a handwritten valentine note through the weave of yarn.

Yarn Hearts c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Camilla Fabbri of Family Chic.

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Yarn Heart Craft tutorial photos by Camilla Fabbri.