Gardening Guide

Edible Landscaping Ideas: Green apples as table centerpiece

Edible Landscaping Ideas

Plant these edible landscaping ideas for a garden that’s good enough to eat.

Reader shares a miniature garden

Idea Gallery: Miniature Garden Craft

Readers take on this Country Woman craft project to grow a miniature garden with a fairy theme.

How to Use a Rain Barrel

5 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Backyard

Get a lush, healthy landscape with less water. Our garden expert shares how to use a rain barrel (and save money) in your own backyard.

How to Make a Poinsettia Bloom Again

How to Make a Poinsettia Bloom Again

Wondering how to make a poinsettia bloom? Check out these gardening tips from our expert.

How to Store and Preserve Vegetables and Fruit: Fermentation Kit

How to Store and Preserve Vegetables and Fruit

Drying, freezing, fermenting and canning turn your bounty of fruits and veggies into great winter meals. Learn how to preserve vegetables and fruits the right way with these tips.

Planting Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Planting Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Fall is the prime time for planting bulbs for spring. Learn our top tips for planting and trouble-shooting critters and pests.

Presents from the garden

Gifts from the Garden

Use the beautiful bounty from your yard to create homegrown gifts from the garden.

Fawn in garden

Keep Deer Out of the Garden

Want to keep deer out of your garden? Follow these helpful hints for deer-proofing your yard and garden.

Natural weeb control: nutsedge weed in lawn

Natural Weed Control for Your Lawn

A healthy, green lawn is the best form of eco-friendly, natural weed control.

Summer Garden with mildew on rose leaves.

How to Revive Your Summer Garden

Garden tips to protect your plants from the stress of a dry, hot, buggy summer.